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Product Feedback Simplified

Collect, Analyze and Act on Feedback Now


Setup your feature portal in minutes
Invite unlimited users to your feedback portal
Let all users check out and upvote features!
Dezkr - Product Feedback Simplified


Categorize the different types of feedback
Talk to users with similar feature requests to surface the “real” problem
Filter to focus on the problem that needs to be solved


Prioritize and put the feature in the development queue
Update feedback to let users track progress
Notify users when feedback is released
Dezkr - Product Feedback Simplified
3 min read
How to Say No As A Product Manager
Product Manager’s dilemma of Saying Yes Or No
6 min read
Process for Managing Product Feedback
Listening to Product Feedback
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Evaluating Product Ideas using One Pagers
Stakeholder submitting idea on how to improve the product

Product Management Fundamentals

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